Clinical Practice Resources:

Evidence Based Practice Initiatives:
Evidence based Practice (EBP) is the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best research evidence into the decision making process for patient care. Clinical expertise refers to the clinician’s cumulated experience, education and clinical skills. The patient brings to the encounter his or her own personal preferences and unique concerns, expectations, and values. EBP can enhance the patient care in a positive way.

In its commitment towards enhancing the knowledge of physiotherapists the Society of Indian Physiotherapists has started the EBP Initiatives. Keeping this in view Society of Indian Physiotherapists gives an opportunity to young physiotherapists to research in depth about different common conditions, diagnosis and treatment and post their findings on the website. This evidence, in itself does not help make a clinical decision, but it can help support the patient care process by exposing the clinician to the options available.

Case Study:

Case studies have been used as a powerful teaching method and as part of professional development. SIP gives a platform for all physiotherapists to share their experiences and learn from others’ experiences. This in deed will help to grow our profession.
SIP invites all professionals to share such critical, learning case studies that can be shared on our website.
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