Many Physiotherapists in India felt the need to create a new forum that would allow Indian Physiotherapists to meet and interact – in both clinical as well as in the academic sphere. They wanted a body that would represent the interests of vibrant physiotherapy professionals nationally as well as internationally. It was felt that a platform to share ideas, assist in promoting research, making recommendations to policy relating to the ethical practice and/or education of physiotherapy was currently lacking in the country. In order to achieve the purpose (s) stated above, It was proposed that an association of Physiotherapists (PT) be formed who are motivated to take the Physiotherapy profession in India forward to its truest potential by means of deliberations, contributions and actions.
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Dr.Raju K.Parasher(PT),New Delhi

Dr.Asha Chitnis(PT),Mumbai

Dr.Nitesh Bansal(PT),New Delhi

Dr.Kaushal Bhatt(PT),Bhavnagar

Dr.Savita Ravindra(PT),Banglore

Dr.Saroj Shanghavi(PT),Mumbai

Dr.Deepak Kumar(PT),New Delhi

Dr.Arun Maiya(PT),Manipal

Dr.Shabnam Agarwal(PT),Kolkata

Dr.Deepak Kachalia(PT),Mumbai

Dr.Daulat H.Dastoor(PT),Mumbai

Dr.Maneesh Arora(PT),Dehradun

Dr.N. Venlatesh(PT),Chennai

Dr.Narkeesh Arumugam (PT), Patiala

Dr.Parthipan Ramasamy(PT),Banglore

Dr.Snigdha Mehta(PT),Mumbai